3-Series Lecture


If you're as passionate about your future as we believe you are, come experience our 1st 3-series lecture the Visionary Conference on June 14th, from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Kairos Room (3502 Scotts Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19129) Our goal is to provide you with the tools to weed through and nurture your life specifically to gain optimal success in little time while, establishing a network to help you do so. Tickets are $10. Attire; Business-Casual/Formal.

This seminar is meant to prepare everyone with the desire of accomplishing great goals with the tools to persevere. Receive tips from decorated experts on the fields of physiological health, psychological health, and financial well-being, to build a regimen capable of breaking down all barriers obstacles that you may approach along your journey. All the while meeting other motivated people to that you may be able to network with and potentially collaborate with in the future. Be sure to have business cards, and other things that you feel would aid you while networking with others.

Are you finally ready to wield the right tools to cut down those weeds, to lay down the right sediment and establish the right path to be able to walk, run, and drive towards your dreams? We hope to see you there!