About Us

The Explorative Learning Association was founded in April of 2015 by Maurice White with the help of Umbar Kassa, Stephen Keels, Siani Widman, and Jhalin Anderson. This group has made drastic leaps in it's mission to create the most beneficial learning environment for the human experience. This organization prides itself on holding enlightening discussions, therapeutic services, and providing a flexible learning environment that extends through various educational fields. We seek to improve the skills of everyone who decides to involve their selves with our organization. We believe that by improving the skills of a person, we are improving the potential and productivity of the environment. Therefore, we seek to educate and help influence the growth of all people who seek to become better so that we, in turn, can make the world a better place.

Education is a tool capable of destroying the borders of contemporary issues. Therefore by examining interdimensional concepts we can break down the barriers that exist between one mind to the next to enhance our abilities to communicate better with one another. We hope that as you EXPLORE our site, that you enjoy what we have to offer and if you so feel motivated, please do not hesitate to contact any one of our members about what they do and how you can be apart of something special. We seek to revolutionize the way that we as humans think, behave, and influence others.