• Alex Carle posted an update 9 months ago

    Hello there, everyone! My name is Alex Carle and I lead a Baltimore-based band called City Line Kids. I call our genre of music “Americana Pop,” our records feature a ukulele-heavy rhythm section and an eclectic combination of genre-bending instruments including the accordion, steel-string guitar, 6-string bass guitar, bongos, cello, synthesizers, etc. City Line Kids have been around since 2014, and has been a fully collaborative effort since its founding; though I personally write the music and perform the ukulele and vocal parts, I am constantly recruiting new musicians to perform with me – both live and in the studio – to achieve the best and most interesting sound possible. Recently, City Line Kids has expanded its collaborative range to also include other forms of art into our live performances. For example, the other day we performed with hooper and dancer Lisa Eibner, we just teamed up with a group that provides fabulous light shows for our indoor concerts, and New York/Baltimore-based graphic artist Frank L. Tybush V has designed our two most recently album covers. Were if not for the talent of other artists, the City Line Kids band – and the art is makes – would not be possible, so I owe everything that this band is to the collaborative efforts of the many talented artists in my life. If you guys are interested in hearing more about us, you can find all of our music, videos, tour dates, and news on our website, I look forward to learning about all of the art you guys create!