Our Mission

Our Purpose is to progress and thus develop our spiritual selves through understanding and imaginatively conceptualizing the world around us. The most powerful skill that we have is sealed within our imaginations, which holds the key to our creativity, our creativity making us gods. We aim to break the mold that has been plaguing our imaginations, to pursue the truth of who we are and what we can do as beautiful spirits. In Exploring, we seek therapy and respite from the stationary and contemporary problems that distract us from our communal and personal development. In Exploring, we seek knowledge to inspire. Acquiring knowledge is the first step in progression, but acquiring understanding can guide you further and produce more avenues of transportation. Imagination being the gatekeeper for such understanding. With the acquisition of understanding, we thus acquire Freedom. As we move through this journey, we will perceive the beautiful things in life while developing an objective perspective… Knowing, Imagining, and Understanding. Through the production of interdimensional concepts, we will be better suited to uncover the knowledge residing beneath the sediment of our perception while providing a voice of freedom to the world. And thus…We will explore a plethora of thoughts and topics to hone our ability to conceptualize and expand our perspectives to enhance our Collective Consciousness.

*In Theory, Imagination, & Understanding*

~Explorative Learning Association


Our mission is to:

  • Support the business and project ventures of our upcoming members who may not have the resources to fully fund or enhance their ideas/projects/ventures to the fullest capacity.
  • The goal of our organization is to remove the burden of financial restraints, that keep driven citizens from being fully productive in their career paths.
  • Educate people from all walks of life.
  • We plan to sponsor and create events for the upcoming generation to instill confidence in their dreams.
    • This will be accomplished by our personnel, who with experience, can provide various lectures, workshops, seminars, and events geared towards the individual’s focus.