Support The Vision

Our vision is to reawaken the drive and compassion of each and every person whether it be direct or indirect. We want to strengthen the core of our fellow citizen in the likes of living their own life and developing a mind of service as well. Our vision is to educate and also learn with the world.

In the world's current shape, we, as a people are tensed from the strains of being productive members of society without adequate stress management techniques. We're anxious from the drive and poison of economic and social pressure is weakening the world pop's ability to focus on peace or focus long enough for them to realize righteous. We are desperately looking for a way to calm down. We're looking for the right way to live and how to situate ourselves in respects to others. However, everything is moving so fast that people currently aren't able to relax and focus on what they need to do to accomplish their dreams. The different between a smart decision and a worse decision is mostly dependent on the patience meshed in during the choice.

If you are seeking to learn more about our mission what we are seeking to accomplish and how, Please visit Our Mission page. We believe in complete transparency. Other organizations may be steadfast in being forthcoming about their plans, but for us, it is about our progression and if what we have to offer helps another along their path, we don't mind. Our goal is to be honest and clear across the spectrum about/of our movement.


The Explorative Learning Association has various programs that you are more than welcome to participate in from discussions, workshops, preparation demos, volunteer work, lectures, and other events that will be announced throughout the year.

Besides our various programs that you could take part in, there are several other ways that you could support our vision if you aren't able to participate in a hands-on way.


The Explorative Learning Association is non-for-profit organization which allows for us to accept donations from whomever is willing to help support our vision. There are various benefits to donating to our organization, the most prevalent benefit to most, is the tax exemption that comes alongside of donating. However, it is important that you recognize the importance and the impact of your donation. Know that you will fully be able to witness where your donations are going in our progression, and you will be notified in how your donation will be used. If you're looking to support through donation, please contact an administrator.




The projects that are being produced by our organization does cost money unfortunately. With that being the case, money to help us fund the progression of our organization would be gratefully accepted. If you would like to help us by providing or becoming a sponsor for one of our many projects, please contact of our administrators.