Where's it going?

All donations will go to the Explorative Learning Association (ELA) which is the parent non-profit organization for Imagine2See, LLC. ELA is a non-profit organization dedicated towards improving the world through various avenues primarily in areas of learning, arts, and development. Serving as a sponsor for the launching of creative projects while also launching their own creative projects, ELA seeks to unify people from all walks of life while maintainging their individuality.

How Donations Are Used

All donations go towards

  • Building creative intiatives
  • Sponsoring creative initiatives
  • Equipment and Tools
  • Scholarships for child education
  • Launching educational programs¬†
  • Tuition for students
  • Sponsoring events (Lectures, Workshops, funding event spaces)


All donations have the capacity of becoming sponsored:

Meaning that if you would like to be recognized for you contribution please let us know on the donation form along with a follow-up email of how you'd like your gift to be represented or used. All donations that are non-specific will be used for the general purposes of the organization towards furthering the overarching goal.