Camp Programs

Civic Leaders and Entrepreneurs


Camp dedicated to building young leaders of the future to be able to start and manage business ventures, while also becoming well versed in community activism and boosting leadership traits. 



Our S.T.E.M program is dedicated to prepping our students for future stem related opportunities throughout the school ventures and boosting their education in how stem directly and indirectly affects their life and providing a deeper understanding of the sciences. While learning more practical uses and using fun means of application.

Elite Sports and Athletics


Our Elite Sports and Athletics Development camp is to help young athletes healthily maximum their athletic aptitude across all sports. They will also have a special nutritional package to aid this development to prepare them for the future athletic endeavors.

Arts and Media


For our younger creatives seeking to expand and find the vision in various art avenues. They will learn. how to produce their own art projects while also learning some skills of making such marketable. The overall goal however is to provide a safe haven for the children to explore their artistic capabilities.